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Grow & Gather (formerly Trice Farms Pond & Garden) is Maple Ridge's only farmstead nursery and garden shop, tending a full complement of culinary, floral, landscape, and aquatic plants, plus an array of pond and water garden supplies.  Shop for homegrown and locally sourced garden products, koi and water farm supplies, book the studio for small group events, or relax by the koi pond. Visit on selected Saturdays in autumn for the Haney Farmers Market. Serving the Tri-Cities, Langley, Mission, Abbotsford.

Leaf & Ponder

A scrapbook from the Grow & Gather shop-keep: garden and landscape inspiration, botanical curiosities, small-farm quandaries, perennial favourites, and more from our little corner of Maple Ridge, British Columbia. When you run with Felcos, you're bound to make a clipping.

50 Spades of Grey

Renata Triveri

Last week, when the thermometer dipped below but-we-live-on-the-West-Coast and edged close to what-do-you-mean-you're-sold-out-of-winter-coats tolerance levels, I received a shipment packaged in a plain brown wrapper. Actually, there were four plain brown wrappers.  And they were cheerfully return-addressed on cotton-candy coloured paper, from the studios of "The Adventures of Max & Banks." Insomuch as I've never been involved with the screen, silver or otherwise, I would have been surprised to receive anything originating from movie-folk. But to tell the truth, I was expecting a parcel from a sender decidedly more, well... racy. Regardless, the contents made my heart go pitter-patter.

In each box were brightly illustrated packets produced by Renee's Garden Seeds, a company which, despite stocking such lusty wonders as Exotic Love Vine, Love Lies Bleeding, and Love-in-a-Mist, is known for the rather wholesome pursuit of supplying clean, non-GM, and exceptionally germinating garden seeds. I admit that I toyed with the bloomers, imagining the torch-like flowers of Mina lobata illuminating an old fence line. But after recalling a love-affair with last season's sweetest Sungold tomatoes, I settled ever more longingly on sugary, organic, candy-striped Chiogga Beets (which slice up beautifully in raw salads). Don't judge. I have an incurable sweet tooth, so when not tempted by bonbons and buttercream, sun-warmed summer harvests satisfy without an ounce of guilt.

What of Max and his faithful sidekick? Noms-de-plumes, it seems, so as not to attract peepers to a production with a lurid reputation: 50 Shades of Grey. It seems Grey's set decorating team requested Renee's gorgeous seed displays to be used as props in the film. Who knew seeds would set such a sultry backdrop? This can only mean two things. Mr. Grey's real lust is for growing prize-winning cauliflower. That, and he has impeccable taste in women.

We'll be using some of these post-production remnants at the store and on the property; others will go to Ag in the Classroom for a variety of student projects.